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Dental Tips and Resources

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Selecting a dentist who meets your needs and expectations is a decision that's too important to make without investing your time and effort. When you need a dentist, you want a professional you can trust. Don't select a dentist on the basis of cost or advertisements alone.

Though daily brushing and flossing make a difference, seeing a dentist regularly is essential to keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy. Through regular visits and cleanings, your dentist can detect and remedy potential problems, offering care that ensures a lifetime of good oral health. If you don't have a dentist, don't wait until a problem forces you to find one.


The best dentist in the world can't do it alone. To keep your teeth healthy, you must be a participant. Follow your dentist's recommendations for brushing, flossing and checkups. By upholding your oral hygiene responsibilities at home, you'll contribute significantly to a healthy mouth and a satisfying relationship with your dentist.



What should you look for when choosing a dentist?


Frequent Dental Insurance Questions (FAQ)


Glossary of Dental Terms


A-Z Dental Topics


ADA Dental Minutes - Videos


Dental Emergencies & Injuries


Dental Insurance Choices & Advantages


Dentistry Definitions


Dental Careers


Pregnancy & periodontal disease may lead to gestational diabetes


Preparing Children to Visit the Dentist


Kids Guide to Oral Health



More Dental Resources & Information


American Dental Association

The ADA site offers articles, information on hot topics, children's dental health info, FAQs, and lots of advice to help you keep those teeth sparkling.


Dental Phobia

Afraid of the dentist? Really afraid? This site addresses common fears and describes different ways to make a visit to the dentist a little less traumatic. But be careful, this site could help you become so comfortable at the dentist's office that you won't want to leave!


The Tooth Fairy

This site won't leave any money under your pillow, but it will give you a lot of helpful advice about keeping your teeth sparkling. Check it out for hygiene tips, info on baby teeth, and proper flossing techniques.


Pet Dental

Even Fido needs to take care of his choppers. Proof that the internet has it all, this site is dedicated to the oral health of dogs and cats.


ADHA Online

The American Dental Hygienists' Association website offers some great tips on caring for you teeth and gums, keeping your smile bright, and proper brushing techniques. There is even an offer for a FREE toothbrush!