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Free Discounted Prescriptions and Financial Help

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ABA encourages you to seek the lowest possible prices for all of your healthcare needs, such as drugs.  Compare prices and shop to save money.  No one source has the lowest cost for all medications, with or without insurance, so click on the links below to compare your options, check eligibility and start saving.  To help find pharmacies with the lowest costs for many drugs and therapeutic alternatives, we also recommend that you check with multiple sites, such as these: , and to consider even more options.  


Free Prescriptions - 14 to 21 day supplies for many popular generic, common oral Antibiotic prescriptions, regardless of your insurance, available at: Publix (also offers free 30 day supplies of Lisinopril & Metformin), Meijer , Martin's  and Schnuck's pharmacies.  


Free Mail Order Prescriptions - Up to 30 day supply of select popular brand name medications (such as Actonel, Advair, Ambian, Boniva, Cialis, Lipitor, Singulair, etc.) are available Free by mail order from Xubex.


$4 prescriptions for up to a 30 day supply for 300 to 400 generic drugs, regardless of your insurance, available at: Wal-Mart & Sam's Club, Target Pharmacy, Kroger (and their affiliated stores), and Giant Eagle.  90 day supplies are available at Kroger, Wal-Mart & Sam's Club for $10, at Walgreens for $12 (with $20 annual membership card), and at KMart Pharmacy for $10 or $15.  If you use another pharmacy, ask your pharmacist if they "match" prices.


As low as $20 for up to 360-day supply by mail for many generic drugs, regardless of your insurance, from Xubex (plus $3.85 for shipping).  


Co-Pay Subsidies are available (except in MA and for Medicare and Medicaid) from several drug manufacturers for specific prescriptions, including: $4 co-pay for Lipotor, maximum co-pay of $10 for Enbrel, reduced $5 monthly co-pay for Orencia, reduced co-pay to $5 or no cost for Humira, up to $50 savings for Nexium.   Check your drug manufacturer's website and click here for more coupons and deals.


Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide free or low cost medications to eligible participants. Some help patients and families with incomes up to $80,000 qualify for support with certain specific diseases or conditions, including assistance for medicine co-pays, medical supplies and services. Here are four "general" sites: 1,000+ programs, all searchable from your list of medications.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance 475 programs on the Internet or call 888-477-2669.

NeedyMeds.Com a great site to start your search, with a wide range of resources. allows you to search for support for up to 5 drugs at one time


There are also PAP sites that offer help for certain specific diseases, such as these:

Chronic Disease Fund support for Asthma, Breast Cancer and certain other diseases. serves patients with CGD, HD, Pulmonary Fibrosis or Hypertension & other diseases. helps insured patients with co-pays for certain Cancer, Diabetes & other diseases. helps patients with Leukemia, CF, Hemophilia & certain other diseases.

Patient Access Network provides financial support for Anemia, RA, MS & certain other diseases.


Discount Drug Cards - there are many, but these we recommend: -  Free Discount Drug Card program sponsored by a non-profit organization to save you up to 75% for prescriptions.  Savings vary by program and pharmacy for each drug, so look up pricing online by clicking on the "Pharmacy Locator" and "Medication Pricing" buttons for both plans. 

EasyDrugCard - Free Discount Drug Card with up to 75% savings for prescriptions not covered by insurance, and mail order options that include diabetic supplies.  Print your card & check prices online. 

Together Rx Access - Free Discount Drug Card sponsored by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, but participation is limited to those who have no prescription drug insurance coverage and meet income requirements.  Save up to 40% on selected brand-name prescription medicines and products. 


More Tips on Cutting Your Drug Costs 


1. Check and compare multiple options - no one source has the lowest cost on all medications, so using multiple sources will likely save you the most.  Some sources are limited based on income and lack of insurance coverage, while others have no restrictions.  


2. Talk With Your Doctor. Your doctor can easily tell you which prescriptions will more than likely cost you more or less depending on your condition. Remember there always isn't just one way of doing things. Let your doctor know that your prescription prices are too high for your budget and see what he/she can do.


3. Buy In Bulk.  Check to see if a larger quantity will result in you obtaining discounted volume prices. Many mail-in-order sources offer 90 day supplies for only 2 monthly co-pays.


4. Find a Patient Assistance Program.  Most all drug manufacturers have some sort of patient assistance program for people meeting certain income requirements (some accept family incomes up to $80,000), and some are only for certain diseases.  Some exclude people with insurance coverage, while others will help pay for insurance premiums, copays or coinsurance.  It pays to spend time searching and comparing these programs.


5. Ask for Free Samples.  Ask your pharmacist or doctor if they have or can get any free samples of the prescriptions that you are taking. Some of the time they can get samples from their pharmaceutical sales representative. Remember, it never hurts to ask!