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Disclosure:  Coverages and availability vary by state.  Not all businesses and individuals qualify.  This does not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice or opinion.  Consult with an experienced and properly licensed professional regarding the specific suitability of any planning technique or benefit plan design.   


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To help identify areas needing improvement

ABA’s short assessment is designed to help owners and executives of organizations think about areas in their HR system and benefits that could use some simple fine tuning.  If you answer "NO" to any fo the following questions, we believe our HR Consulting and Administration services can help your organization save money while increasing the positive effects and advantages of your benefits.  




Benefit Consulting & Administration

Are the Owners & Executives of the organization realizing the maximum in tax advantaged benefits ?

Most organizations are not taking advantage of tax-advantaged benefits that are available for their owners and executives, some of which requires no employee matching and can even add "asset protection" for the owners. 


Do your employees really understand the benefits that you offer? 

If your employees don't understand their benefits, they don't appreciate their value. The risk is that the substantial investment you've made in them may not produce full value for the organization.


Does your benefit communication process help in retaining employees ? 

Turnover and added employee training has a high cost for most organizations. And competition for hiring and retaining qualified employees has never been more fierce, making employees' understanding of your benefits more important

than ever.


Is your benefit communications cost exceeding the desired results? 

Managing a comprehensive benefits program can be tedious, time-consuming and costly for your organization. Shrinking HR staffs and budgets may limit your resources to effectively administer, communicate and enroll an employee benefits program.

ABA will customize an affordable group package that meets your organizations unique needs.

ABA will customize a powerful Benefits and HR Website designed to help your company succeed.

The Professionals at ABA.bring you over thirty years of experience and expert training in Employee Benefits and Administration.   We empower your employees with a clear understanding of their benefits and patrner with clients to turn-key the entire HR administration, communication and enrollment process to maximize efficiency while reducing costs.  

Experienced and Knowledgeable

ABA provides Benefit Counselors on-site to complete the enrollment process with confirmation of elections and many other details.

Non-Insurance Solutions